Technology Training

Lean On Me has worked with a wide range of proprietary and custom software products and technology solutions over the past 3 decades.  We believe in finding the appropriate technology solutions to meet your needs and automating processes where appropriate, to save you time and money.  In many cases, simple changes to processes can lead to dramatic savings in staff time and result in a higher degree of confidence in staying on top of mission critical information.

Consider the following:

  • Do you have confidence in your software and computer solutions?
  • Do you know how to utilize e-payment options to reduce costs?
  • Do you have automated systems to streamline monthly accounting processes?

Lean On Me will:

  1. Implement only the technology solutions you require;
  2. Deliver hands-on training to managers, end users and frontline staff;
  3. Develop a tool set to enable you to manage your daily business affairs;
  4. Set up QuickBooks and manage financial transactions or train internal staff on data entry;
  5. Develop one-on-one staff instruction programs to ease the technology transition.

Lean On Me will work with you to maximize existing technology solutions or select a technology solution to increase your business efficiency.  Our expert knowledge of office technology solutions and unique talent for minimizing the fear of end users in adopting new technologies ensures successful implementations.

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