Lean On Me Business Consulting Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in business and operational support for small to mid-sized businesses.  Since 2002, Lean On Me has successfully worked with company owners, executives, senior managers and front-line staff to effectively streamline business operations by creating proactive solutions to common business challenges.
Lean On Me will:

  1. Help you get control of your business and finances by establishing sustainable processes.
  2. Develop a system to easily access and manage electronic records.
  3. Set up technology solutions such as MS Office, QuickBooks and proprietary databases.
  4. Ensure your information practices are compliant with industry and regulatory standards.
  5. Create hands-on staff training to accelerate technology adoption.
  6. Act as your virtual office to manage cash flow, payroll, A/P and A/R.
  7. Support your customer and supplier relationships.

We take pride in delivering the highest standard of work, confidentiality and responsiveness in managing our client relationships.  Lean On Me provides you with peace of mind by taking care of all the details in a cost effective manner.

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